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I went to a cafe nearby and got a drink. I saw someone I know working there and talked to her for about an hour. It's so nice to just talk to someone in real life. I wish every day was this free for me, but nowadays I'm almost always busy. Why do we spend so much time being busy? What's the point of it if you don't have time to enjoy yourself? Go outside and talk to someone. If you don't have anyone to talk to just observe the people and environment around you. I personally find it relaxing.


Well I screwed up today. I replaced the LCD ribbon cable on my laptop, and when I put it back together lo and behold only the backlight lights up, leaving the screen blank. Luckily it works with an external monitor, but now I'll have to take it totally apart again and sort it out.

Update 2018-08-15: I fixed it by just putting back the old LCD ribbon and taping some foam on the inside of the display to put extra pressure on the contacts where the ribbon cable. It's a shoddy way to do it, but it works okay. I wasted 2 bucks online and, as usual, I somehow have 2 less screws than when I started.


I have been lazy and have not worked on the site for a while now. I did finally clean my room today. I normally have it clean but recently I've been in a bad mood and it's gotten dirty as a result. Having it at least somewhat clean actually puts me in a better mood. I feel less stress. I'd personally recommend reading the book "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo. The title is self-explanatory, and it's a pretty nice book.

2018-07-12 | usenet

I wonder if anyone reads these. That's the problem with having your own site. Most of the time, you never know who's visiting, or if they even care. Even so, having one, I find, is somewhat therapeutic. I hope that people find my site as interesting as I find other personal sites online.
I added a link to in the outside links section of my site. It has an NNTP (Network News Transfer Protocol) server. You can connect NNTP clients to this server, and experience Usenet posts in real time, only from 30 years ago. Right now posts are from 1988. The latest interesting occurrence has been some asshole who calls himself "JJ" spamming nearly every single server with the message "HELP ME!" and begging for money, claiming he is a broke college senior. He in fact isn't, and was known to have begged for money on other places as well, and of course he is neither broke nor a college student. The caustic responses to JJ were very fun to read. If you're interested in, try downloading any NNTP client, and pointing it to I think that the same demographic of people likely to visit this site and even read this are likely to find this interesting. Good night.


I found something interesting online, and I guess this is as good a place as any to share it. Maybe I'll start using the blog page as a place to share things I find online, but not things I want to put in the "outside links" section. I might add it there anyway. here it is. . Some dude takes a motorola portable device and repurposes it.

2018-06-28 | just fuck my shit up.

I guess it's really summer now, and it's too goddamn hot.
My PC has been running kind of loud and hot recently. Probably something to do with me choosing an AMD chip over Intel, although I would make the same decision again purely because I don't like Intel's current practices like ME, not to mention their shit getting fucked up every which way by exploits all over the place. in any case, I had "upgraded" my stock cooler to a cheap all-in-one water cooling unit that used to work really well, and keep my CPU temperature near ambient temperatures even under a mild load. Now that it wasn't working so well, I decided I would probably have to clean out the insides of my computer. I went to town with the compressed air and--gently--cleaned the dust out from the radiator. When I put it all back together, it was overheating yet the radiator was cold. I had somehow broken it. So I had to pull out the old stock cooler from my closet and install that. On top of that, the plastic supports on the old cooler were stuck tightly to the screws, so I ended up having to cut them off with a dremel. Now with the air cooler in my CPU is running dangerously high. The lesson here is radiators are easy as hell to break.


I guess today I'll put something in here. I'm not sure what to write about. What does some random person's blog in an obscure corner of the internet matter anyway? If anyone is reading this, I hope you're having a nice night or day or whatever. With this site I'm really hoping to make something interesting. Despite my poor HTML skills, and poor programming skills in general I hope to create a site with unique content that offers actual reasons to visit. So stay tuned, and be patient and maybe something will come of this site.


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