site update log

2019-05-23: Changed up the CSS for the site a little bit. New color theme and a new look for the main page. Of course there is no additional useful content.

Cleaned up other pages. Added a blank site directory page, in progress.

2019-02-16: Updated main page and added ASCII banner. Cleaned up some leftover files in site. Holiday theme has been turned off. Some other minor changes.

2018-12-26: Updated site log page for clarity purposes.

2018-12-12: Updated and cleaned up /pages/warez.html, now uses divs, removed an image; Added a post to /pages/blog.html, updated blog to use divs as well, edited blog.html to have a scroll to top feature; minor cleanup of small errors on site.

2018-11-16: Updated site theme for the holidays, made some minor changes to the index.

2018-09-09: Updated breadcrumbs on some pages, added some new buttons on the main page.

2018-09-08: I will probably be taking down the pictures on the photography page within the next few days. It seems like the main page looks much better now than it did before in terms of organization, so it will stay that way for now.

2018-09-05: It's been a while since I made any updates. I'm restructuring the main page using divs because I just started working with divs, and I think it will help organize things better, once I actually get it to stop being a mess. Right now the main page is all kinds of messed up but it should still work. If I get this to work well I may also be restructuring other pages in a similar fashion later on.

2018-08-14: I'm beginning to implement breadcrumbs on the top of pages to help with site navigation. The first page to feature breadcrumbs is the 404 page. I will be adding breadcrumbs to other pages in the coming days.

2018-08-11: The blog was updated a few days ago. Some pages were restructured. Links on the main page were fixed. I will be adding backlinks for both returning to the main page and for returning to the index of a subdirectory. This is still in progress.

2018-08-01: Updated the blog. Still in the process of reorganizing, some links may still be broken. Will be adding a new article, finally, to the technology page.

2018-07-12: Still working bit by bit on reorganizing the site on the server. To expand more on this, previously all html pages except the index and 404 page were contained simply in /pages. Most images were contained in /images with no other structure. This is unorganized and will not hold up well to expansion. It is not conducive to updating a site or maintaining good structure. The new structure places all pages under /pages/[PAGE] with the main page for each subsection as /pages/[PAGE]/index.html. In addition, relevant images and other files will be stored somewhere within the subdirectories in /pages. Standalone pages (such as this one) will remain under /pages with no other structure. If anyone has comments or would like to offer advice, please do so through neocities.

2018-07-10: I am in the process of restructuring the site and its directories. Some pages and images will appear broken. I'm doing this to make sure the site is well organized for future additions. I do not know when I will be done.

2018-06-29: Recently added a new post on the blog; updated the image on the index page; updated the layout of the index page to hopefully improve look of the site. Also changed CSS for links because visited links' purple color did not contrast enough with the black backgrounds.

2018-06-19: Added a new link to the outside links page; fixed a typo in the title of that page.

2018-06-06: Changed the index format a little. added new page anime to site.

2018-06-05: damn. I forgot to update the log last time I updated the site. Anyway, I've added a couple new pages including warez and infographics. I've been a bit less frequent with updates. maybe the novelty is wearing off, but I will still try to make regular updates.

2018-05-31: First day using the log, at this point the site is already mostly up. Today 2 new pages were added, this page (the site log) and a so far empty blog page. I will be trying to post more interesting things at some point. Right now it's nothing much.