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2020-12-06 | Great Article from DigDeeper

2020-08-11 | Writing "good" HTML

I doubt that my site is by any means a shining example of good HTML, but even so I make an attempt to write clear HTML and follow the standards. Not everything is perfect--for example, the < center > tags I like to use are considered "obsolete".

I encourage you to validate your HTML. You can upload files or paste text into the validator at and it will tell you anything that doesn't properly follow standards.


Seems like neocities users unfollow this site when I post anything edgy.


I noticed some people have passed through the Lounge and left some comments. I'm happy to know people are reading my site. Hello, everyone!


Now, everyone comes out of the woodwork to clear supermarket shelves, amass large stockpiles of toilet paper, of all things, and line up in droves at the local gun shop to get a gun. I'd like to see the looks on their faces when they can't get a gun because of all the hoops they have to jump through plus over a week long waiting period.

Our society is so comfortable, so decadent, that the prospect of anything abnormal, the thought of potential discomfort, hardly crossed anyone's mind until the shitstorm was right on top of them. Then and only then did they realize their bubble was not as safe as they thought it would be. So many people who say things like "that will never happen" now find themselves where they didn't think they would be.

The whole point of being prepared for an emergency is to be prepared for it. Not to have it come upon you in the middle of the night and then run screaming to the grocery store to empty the shelves due to greed and ignorance. Because of people like this there is no food for anyone else. Had people already been prepared, shopping may have continued at a similar rate and everyone would be able to have their fair share.

In my opinion, people who had the resources to prepare but didn't only have themselves to blame. On top of that I feel nothing but spite towards those panicking morons who vote against gun rights, and only in the face of an emergency realize why they're important in the first place.

Sometimes I feel like I'd rather just watch things crash and burn...

2019-12-10 |

8kun seems to be the proper replacement for It's not exactly like it was but the activity level is increasing from what I've seen and even the old themes from 8ch are back. It almost feels like it used to. So, have a look.

2019-08-09 | 3D Printed Guns

DIY Guns: The New Improved FGC-9

3D printing has opened up much cheaper manufacturing of complex items in comparison to machining them from metal. It's plastic, not metal, but it can work. Using electrochemical machining, even a metal tube can be rifled to make a barrel. The entire thing can be produced without needing a machine shop or access to a lathe, or CNC machine.

2019-08-09 | The absolute (police) state of America

Who Inflicts the Most Gun Violence in America? The U.S. Government and Its Police Forces

In many places calling 911 means you have to wait, on hold, for 10 minutes or more. Hell, the police might not even show up. Is taking guns away from people and instead putting weapons into the hands of law enforcement officers going to make us safer, or is it designed to strip our freedoms?

2019-08-09 | ...

With the shutdown of, I'm left in the dust when it comes to a good place on the Web to talk to likeminded people. Lately, I haven't spent much time online, but checking in on /tech/, for example, was a nice break and allowed me to communicate with people who were nice as well as knowledgable. I hope that the site will come back up in the future, but the silver lining is that it has spurred myself and others to actively seek out and use alternatives.

One such alternative I came across is called Zeronet. It's a distributed method of sharing content in which every user can seed content. As long as a single seed is online, a site will be viewable. It isn't as streamlined as the regular Web, though. And the glow-in-the-darks can presumably upload illegal content which might end up being seeded by you accidentally. The bright side is that you can choose what to seed and what not to seed. And on 08chan, you can choose to mute seeders and entire boards if you desire. Then again, you never know when the party van will show up to give you a free ride you never knew you asked for.

Another site that's accessible over the regular Web, Tor, and even i2p is endchan. I'm hopeful about it so far and encourage you to check it out if you don't already know about it.

On an unrelated note, I found this article to be an interesting read.

It's been a while since I made any site changes. Lots of things are happening right now, so I will probably have more to share soon.

2019-05-26 | Signal Messaging

I recommend Signal for secure messaging. Many people use insecure applications for messaging, and it can be hard to tell people to move to another. However, Signal has many features that regular people might like, which makes it easier for your average smartphone-addicted moron to use it. It's open source and end-to-end encrypted, which is it's main selling point. Of course, if you're using it on a typical cellphone running botnet OS, it probably won't help all that much but it's certainly better than most alternatives.

It also has a desktop client that works well. The only unfortunate things are: 1. It doesn't run on Windows XP and 2. It uses a whopping 200+ megabytes of memory when in use. It could be a lot worse, though. Try it out.


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